One Forty Four Plus, LLC

144+ is a privately held organization comprised of individuals who specialize in developing projects related to sports, entertainment, real estate, and philanthropy.


What distinguishes 144+ from other organizations are the unique financially engineered  formulas  that enable private project management or charitable organizations to raise equity capital while at the same time offering investors or donors fewer risks and greater benefits.


Rule 144 Restricted Stock Utilization

Most of our financial engineering efforts center on enabling owners of Rule 144 Restricted Stock to utilize their stock as a means of payment for Private Placement and Limited Liability Company Partnership Interests or to make charitable donations to worthwhile causes.


Risk Mitigation + Upside Participation

Known for its “Preservation of Principal” financial methodology, Rule 144+ produces investor and donor benefits unlike any other financial mechanisms. These benefits include, but are not limited to, a collateralized return of principal and stock market upside participation with no downside risk.


By allowing investors and donors to utilize illiquid securities while simultaneously mitigating risk and producing upside potential unrelated to the performance of the organization or charity, One Forty Four Plus has the capacity to help an organization raise significantly larger amounts of capital.


Rule 144 Restricted Stock Transaction Coordination

144+ recognizes that dealings involving Restricted Stock, especially when utilized for private project investment or for donation purposes, can be a complex. To individuals and organizations desirous of utilizing Rule 144 Restricted Stock in transactions we provide assistance. The assistance ranges from helping coordinate the transactions between owners, advisers, legal counsel, and investment banker or brokerage firms, to customizing a transaction through financial engineering for a specific, individual purpose.

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