James Bailey

Principal, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bailey began his career as a lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio for seven years, where he specialized in real estate and complex business transactions. In 1978 Jim Bailey was Executive Vice President of the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens National Football League franchises.  In 1999, Mr. Bailey became the Chief Executive Officer of Manchester Resorts, a San Diego based resort and hotel developer and operator. In 2001, Mr. Bailey left Manchester and became a consultant for Brailsford & Dunlavey (B&D), one of the nation’s largest project facilitators.


William Miller

Senior Project Developer

From 1974-1982 Mr. Miller was a Registered Representative with Hornblower, Weeks, Hemphill Noyes. Areas of expertise included sophisticated hedging and arbitrage techniques, and advanced options trading. From 1982 to present Mr. Miller has been an independent consultant. Mr. Miller possesses significant background and expertise in corporate finance including coordination of the preparation of disclosure documents for equity offerings. In addition, Mr. Miller has developed specialized capitalization packages and formulas utilized for corporate financing, private project development, reorganization plans, and debt restructuring. Areas of primary expertise include Restricted Securities, re-sales and exchanges, purchase coordination, liquidation securities and investments, capitalization of Private Placements, and unique donation programs centered on Rule 144 Restricted Stock.

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