Why Companies Have Difficulty Raising Money

Ever wonder why companies have trouble raising capital from investors? This report explains the problem and solution to the dilemma. From “Having the Right Attitude” and “Providing Accurate Disclosure”, to “Focus Your Approach on the Negative” and “Consider More than One Approach”, this report provides 10 helpful hints that give you the best chance at making a good impression on investors.



The Process of Raising Capital

The process of raising capital from investors can be somewhat complex. This report attempts to simplify the process and provide guidance to those entering the investment marketplace. From an outline of the basic steps to raise capital to a complete narrative outlining each stage along the way, this report will show what you need to consider when approaching investors.



Educational Links


The following links help provide education for those seeking to raise capital privately through the issuance of private placements and other offering structures. Additional links will be added in the near future.



Regulation D Education



Regulation D Offering Statistics



Regulation D Rules



A Guide to Raising Capital for Small Businesses

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